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Elaine and Lindsay welcome the challenges of complexity, where emotions are running high, and where polarization is getting in the way of progress. Instead of being overwhelmed by these challenges, they bring a calm confidence. The confidence is not only in themselves but in the people and organizations with whom they are working. Simply put, they know their stuff and they care.

Barry Johnson Ph.D.

Author of Polarity Management


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Treasures in Trauma: What I Learned from Whitewater, Stroke, Cancer, Fires, and Floods

by Elaine Yarbrough, with foreword and passages by Lindsay Burr

In the summer of 2004, Elaine Yarbrough thought life couldn’t get any better. She and her husband Mike were doing the work they loved developing the human side of organizations worldwide. Their 20-year-old daughter, Lindsay, had just returned from college for a family kayak trip on the Salmon River in Idaho. This vacation, however, would change their lives.

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Catch Fire: 1-5 minute Journal

by Lindsay Burr and Elaine Yarbrough

With 1-5 minutes a day, you're more likely to feel settled, grounded, and ready for whatever you're facing. By setting aside even one minute of dedicated time, you'll be saying that you matter to you.

Our work is to ignite the genius of individuals, groups, and organizations by helping people be their authentic selves to better navigate the systems we all live in - work, teams, family, and life! We hope this journal ignites your spark so you can share your talents with the world!


And: Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma, Volume Two: Applications

by Polarity Practitioners and Barry Johnson

Learn about leveraging polarity as a foundation of leadership, with special chapters by both our CEO Lindsay Burr and our Founder Elaine Yarbrough

  • Chapter 4 - Feminine AND Masculine: For Health, Wealth and Happiness - Elaine Yarbrough and Lindsay Burr 

  • Chapter 12 - Build Your Inspired Leadership Style - Lindsay Burr


Artful Mediation: Constructive Conflict at Work

Constructive Conflict

Artful Mediation: Constructive Conflict at Work offers the first systematic approach to solving virtually any type of dispute and shows conclusively how conflict is permeated with positive energy. Filled with case histories, stories and anecdotes, as well as detailed how-to information and dozens of checklists, Artful Mediation will guide the reader through this valuable process.


Constructive Conflict

By Elaine Yarbrough, PhD

Your very own constructive conflict workbook from our founder Elaine Yarbrough.


Free Polarity Map Download

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Elaine and her folks have an amazing talent for integration, people skills, intuition and the theory of organizational development. And there is a very significant impact on the bottom line.

Mary Peery

Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard

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