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Elaine and Lindsay welcome the challenges of complexity, where emotions are running high, and where polarization is getting in the way of progress. Instead of being overwhelmed by these challenges, they bring a calm confidence. The confidence is not only in themselves but in the people and organizations with whom they are working. Simply put, they know their stuff and they care.

Barry Johnson Ph.D.

Author of Polarity Management


Learn with us in the way that works best for you


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Learn on your own

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Receive one-on-one attention and personalized guidance to reach your highest potential. 

In individual leadership coaching, you'll be partnering directly with our CEO: Lindsay Burr, who brings decades of experience working with leaders across industries and around the world.

Take the first step to ignite the spark of change within yourself! You can schedule an introductory session or contact us to learn more.


WORKSHOP: Powerful and Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is the key that unlocks our ability to lead with power and presence.

Extraordinary times call for excellence. As a team leader and member. We need the tools at our fingertips to create and sustain high functioning teams, and that breakthrough starts with you.

The foundation is Authenticity—using your unique characteristics to lead—for exponential impact. The key skill is Influence so you have the power to achieve your personalized leadership mission for healthy teams.

Over the four half-day sessions of interactive exploration, weaving together theory and practice, you will dip into your authentic wellspring to be your best team member and leader. This course is appropriate for all levels of leadership to challenge and support you in your personal and professional development. You'll leave this course with a longer-term vision of the life you want to build and skills that are immediately applicable to enact that vision. The course will be interactive and blend together several learning techniques to ensure participants are engaged.

WORKSHOP: (re)imagining your career

What if you finished each day feeling satisfied?

This 6-session, on-line course, is for mid-career professionals dissatisfied with their current career path. This may be switching careers without having to start from scratch or staying at your current job with a different view of your future there. This course with practical applications will help ensure you cut down on your cases of the Mondays after the first session. Find new ways forward that keep your expertise.

What if your career could actually be everything you imagined for yourself and more?


You’ve worked hard. You’ve pushed and pulled yourself through gaining an expertise in something you love, or once loved. There are still some things you like about your job and career but it isn’t quite everything you thought it would be. As you job search, maybe there are some things you find that you could do, but most of it just feels like more of the same. Maybe something keeps getting in your way even when you find a job description you might really love. And if you think it's not possible, you're right! But this course is for those who think there is the glimmer of hope that it is possible to do what you love and love what you do.


This 6 session course helps you reimagine your career. Together we will clarify what you want, build momentum to find it, create space for you to explore what matters to you, and launch off to make the newly imagined possibility a reality. Each session will provide actionable learning you can apply to personal and professional development as well as your job search.



This course is designed for those who identify as women with at least 10 years of work experience.

Cultural messages and support are different depending on gender identity. By creating space for people to explore and sort the messages they received, the course deepens the learning by doing the double duty of modeling and creating a support network.

Men who are interested in the course should email the instructor - Lindsay @ yarbgroup .com


Combining approaches of coaching, innovation, support and challenge, your experience will be your own to unlock the next steps for yourself. Each week we’ll meet to dive further into your dream career and unlock your ability to go for it. In between our scheduled meetings you’ll have homework to complete before the next class meets.

Contact us for more information.


Elaine and her folks have an amazing talent for integration, people skills, intuition and the theory of organizational development. And there is a very significant impact on the bottom line.

Mary Peery

Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard

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