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Elaine Yarbrough did a masterful job facilitating a significant conflict within our senior management team for determination of future direction and priorities. As a result, the healthcare division of Volunteers of America has just completed the most significant period of expansion and financial success in the past decade. In addition, vulnerable seniors and their families have received the outstanding care they deserve.

Mike King

President & CEO, Volunteers of America

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Command and control are outdated in a world topsy-turvy with speed, competition, technology, virtual teams, and the need to hear many voices. The unintended effect of control is burnout. Instead we need inspired, authentic leadership that builds trust and healthy workplaces where accurate information flows; timely, wise decisions are made, conflict leads to creativity, and satisfaction supports innovation.

Through our coaching and classes,

Learn a model that gives you, at a glance, the skills you need

Experience and practice each skill

Increase your self-awareness

Broaden the ways you can lead, both participative and directive

Increase your ability to influence others toward right action


Women are 51% of the world’s population, and over half of women work outside the home. Women have more undergraduate and graduate degrees than men and demonstrate needed leadership qualities: collaboration, focus on company culture as well as business, shared recognition, and support for the development of others. When women are at the bargaining table, more peaceful, lasting agreements are made. Yet only 34% of women are in management and 2% at the top. A small fraction are global leaders. Women are paid only 79% of what men make. In developing countries, THE key for improving communities is the education and leadership of women.

So when women are blocked, talent is lost. Companies lose important qualities to build healthy cultures. Families suffer as more women are primary breadwinners. Single parent families suffer. Peace is hard to find.


Increase your confidence

Find your powerful voice

Uncover your unique leadership talents

Learn to use your talents

Integrate your personal and professional lives

Recognize the organizational and unconscious bias barriers to your achievement

Learn to increase your organizational power

Re-energize in the circle of women

No buzzwords. No 10-step programs. No forced-fit recommendations. We care about delivering positive, sustainable improvement that is authentic to you, your working style, environment and personalities. You do you—better.

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