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Elaine and Lindsay welcome the challenges of complexity, where emotions are running high, and where polarization is getting in the way of progress. Instead of being overwhelmed by these challenges, they bring a calm confidence. The confidence is not only in themselves but in the people and organizations with whom they are working. Simply put, they know their stuff and they care.

Barry Johnson Ph.D.

Author of Polarity Management

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Facilitated Workshops

We offer workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organization, including singular trainings and multi-step programs. If you're interested in seeing how our skills can bring the best out of your team, please reach out. 

Topics might include:

  • Building Trust

  • Creating a High Functioning Team

  • Navigating Conflict

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Polarity Thinking/Strategic Thinking

  • or a combination that meets your team's needs.

Professional and Personal Development

Yarbrough Group assumes the personal and professional are connected. Individuals have their own set of values, experiences, and goals, which are reflected in their professional goals and productivity. As such, clients are supported and challenged both at the individual level and as leaders growing into their most authentic selves. All work contains theory so that leaders can better understand the nuanced framework of their environment and practice so that the leaders can instantly apply the theories.

Whether you are looking to develop an individual or a team, we integrate authenticity, theory, and application into our work.

All Staff Trainings

As companies grow, a culture shift often happens. In order to support your organization being in alignment, Yarbrough Group will work with all the levels of the organization to build a common language of emotional intelligence and knowledge of how to navigate systems, ask for support, and sustain levels of high performance. Whether this is in one half-day, a quarterly series or an ongoing internal “University,” Yarbrough Group can support your employees in being able to bring their best selves to work.

Team Retreats, Trainings and Workshops

Tired of “team trainings” being about how to update your time card and the same sandwiches in the same room? With Yarbrough Group you can have team trainings that build.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Communication Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Building Resilience

  • Navigating Conflict

  • Strategic Thinking


In each workshop, participants:

  • Learn key concepts in engaging ways that meet people wherever they are

  • Practice the skills that are discussed

  • Learn and share preferences of individuals within the group so attention can be made to the individual needs and the group needs

Helping You Create A Healthy Organization

Yarbrough Group is ready to work with you to understand what the pain points are and how our partnership can make each day the best day for you and your employees. You don't have to know what you want to do before you call. We will help you figure that out. You bring us the what you know, so we can bring you what we can support you in keeping and shifting. 

Some clients hire us to walk through the entire Genius Team model training program, in order to bring everyone along on the healthy journey. Be in touch if you're interested in knowing more!

Key Notes

Lindsay is excited to be part of your next event! A dynamic speaker, she brings facts, humor, theory, and application to her speaking engagements. Whether your event is virtual, in person, or for an audience of 100 or 5000, Lindsay is ready to create an interactive presentation that will get your participants thinking and engaged.

Elaine has recently finished her new book "Treasures in Trauma". Many of the lessons learned from the last 20 years would make for inspiring content to engage your audiences. She is ready to share her wisdom in an approachable way that will leave your participants reflecting on their own experiences and amazed at the strength of humanity.

Elaine and her folks have an amazing talent for integration, people skills, intuition and the theory of organizational development. And there is a very significant impact on the bottom line.

Mary Peery

Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard

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