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Conflict is inevitable and, when tended, is the spark for strong relationships, teams and innovation. When there is a diverse workforce, conflict skills are even more critical. Let us help you turn tension into talent.

Organizations are filled by people with these different perceptions. Unfortunately they often act as if there’s only two ways to deal with this. One is to fight about who is right. The other is to pretend that there’s no disagreement. Both are lousy choices. The Yarbrough Group’s work is a third option.

Robert Jacobs

Consultant & Author of "Real Time Strategic Change"


For interpersonal, team, and organizational conflict. We partner with you to diagnose, design, and facilitate conflict as neutral consultants so that once again people can use their energy and talent for great work.


In courses and coaching, learn to be flexible with your communication styles, identify the real issues in conflict, develop the courage and diplomacy to confront difficult situations, and create agreements that stick.


Develop skills to manage others’ conflicts as a manager, human resources professional, mediator, organization consultant, public official, or non­profit leader.

Learn how to:

  • Diffuse hot conflict or highlight hidden conflict

  • Meet needs of all involved

  • Improve relationships

  • Create sustainable agreements

  • Seek support from others necessary for change

  • Integrate the changes into the larger organization

We have the only model there is for mediation inside organizations.
In Artful Mediation: Constructive Conflict at Work, Drs. Yarbrough and Wilmot provide a step-by-step process with practical checklists to support your mediation.

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Your work self may dominate your leisure self. Your pleaser combats your assertive self who wants to stand up. This kind of internal conflict depletes your energy and good health. Not only do your insides flare up, your communication is confusing. Your voice sounds angry while you are smiling. How can people trust you?

We have developed a published process that helps you identify important parts of yourself and learn to negotiate internally so you are peaceful and productive. From this personal integration, your communication ignites trust. Your leadership is authentic.

Becoming a better organization starts with the simple yet pivotal decision to be better than you are right now. We can help you get there. Are you ready?

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