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What if you caught fire with your own greatness? Let’s find out. 

Becoming the organization you want to be,
starts with deciding it is possible.

We can help you get there. Are you ready?

Who We Are


We are a consulting group based in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington D.C. that focuses on the human side of organizations, helping you tend the flame of sustainable change and ignite the genius of individuals, groups, and organizations.

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Bringing the perspective of millenials and cross-generational communication.



With over 40 years of experience, Elaine brings expertise to her work with leaders, organizations and systems. With humor, candor, and a deep knowledge of social science research, she ignites the genius of individuals, teams , and organizations for high performance and sustainable change especially while dealing with complex issues, conflict, diversity and aspirations…

We are connected to a worldwide network of expert consultants. Their experience allows the Yarbrough Group to provide custom evaluation and create nuanced solutions for you, your team or your organization. With graduate degrees in Communication, Organizational Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Conflict Analysis and Resolution, to…

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40 years working with more than 500 organizations in 26




Lindsay helps individuals identify underlying motivations and goals in order to devise plans to feel connected to their work and live their authentic lives. Lindsay’s work has been in facilitating understanding of systems and how people operate in them. Based in Washington, DC her background in policy, campaigns and non-profits means she understands…

Four close-up photos of consultants that work with Yarbrough Group. Top right is a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and glasses. Top right is a white man in a white button up with short brown hair. On the bottom left is a Latinx woman with shoulder-length black hair in a pink shirt. On the bottom right is a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair in a black shirt. All are smiling at the camera.

Improving organizations and their ability to value and use a wide range of diversity. We work at the individual group, and whole systems levels.



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What We Do
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Your vision of where you want to be is one of the greatest assets you have.

And there is only one surefire way to get there—people.

As your consulting and coaching partner:
We capture your vision. We empower your people. We inspire positive change to occur from within.

We ignite your team’s enthusiasm. And upon creating real transformation;

ultimately pass the torch to you to achieve greatness, and sustain it.

How we get there is unique to each group. Groups are made up of individuals, and we know then that a customized approach works the very best to address your particular needs, challenges, working style, personalities, and goals.


One-on-one coaching for a person in your organization (even you!); to give you the opportunity, training, and tools to flourish.


We mentor, coach, and train to create inspired authentic leadership. Authentic means nurturing a style that is true to you and your personality; so you may lead in a way that is genuinely you. Leadership that is effective, supportive and supported.


We diagnose, develop, and deliver compatibility in action. Experience the miles-apart-difference of working in the form of a team, and TEAMWORK.


Big picture, holistic development to improve the entire organization. Embrace stability and change, commonalities and diversity, structure and flexibility…Foster an aligned, respectful environment and generally a great place to work.

The result is always the same. To leave every single client, group, team, and organization authentically better than we found it. Through your people, we resolve, rejuvenate, communicate, coach and develop so that you are no longer your own obstacle in the path to success. Become a cultivated, evolved, and empowered team. A better-than-ever team unified and ignited to accomplish the real mission of your organization.


We can help you solve the unsolvable problems that may be keeping you from reaching your fullest potential. Become a cultivated, empowered organization. Accomplish your real mission. Here are a few areas where we may be of service to you:


Chronic problems are likely poorly leveraged polarities. Understanding and leveraging interdependent dynamics is a critical component to healthy and productive systems.

Navigating Conflict

Dealing with and healing conflicts saves time and money. The Yarbrough Group has expertise in conflict management and transformation.

Organizational Development

Organization are made up of people. Being aware of the organization’s intent and impact on the teams who make up the org is critical to organizational success.


There are all types of leadership. Authenticity makes a leader people will follow; inspired leadership can take you to unexpected successes.

Diversity & Inclusion

Having a diverse workforce leads to higher revenue. Creating a structure for hiring, retaining, and accessing the talent of all of your workers is critical to maintaining success. Being aware of unconscious bias and mitigating the impacts unearths talents at all levels.

Genius Teams

Hiring expert individuals does not a successful team make. By setting norms and understanding the system in which your team operates, you can ignite the genius of your team.

Our Services
  • Organizational Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Diverse & Inclusive Work Places

  • Women’s Leadership

  • Coaching

  • Facilitation

  • Train the Trainer

  • Workshop Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Mediation

  • Conflict Management

  • Organizational Change & Stability

  • Polarity Thinking & Application

  • Effective Communication

  • Question’s Thinking

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